GBA Fall Conference

Fall 2017

The GBA Fall Conference will be held at the UGA Campus in Griffin, GA from Oct 5th at 5:30pm until Oct 7th at 5:00pm.
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We are so excited to invite you to hear Randy Oliver speak at our GBA fall meeting. In addition to Randy, you'll have the opportunity to learn from Jennifer Berry, Keith Delaplane, Tammy Horn, and Kerry Owen. Along with these nationally known people, we have an outstanding line-up of Georgia speakers for our breakout sessions. The GBA Honey Show will also be taking place, see the rules here.

The meeting starts on Oct 5th with the GBA Board meeting at 5:30 PM and the actual conference begins on Oct 6th.

Registration is $75 for members and $90 for nonmembers. Beginning September 25, registration will be $95 for everyone. We are offering a one day registration fee of $45. Beginning September 25, a one day registration will be $60.

Be sure to register soon to reserve your spot!

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The Georgia Beekeepers Association

As the state organization for Georgia beekeepers, we provide connections for beekeepers across the state. We do this in several ways:

  • We hold two meetings a year with outstanding speakers and workshops. Our Spring Meeting is held the third weekend in February, and the Fall Meeting is held on the first weekend in October.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter, Spilling the Honey, which includes events and meetings held by clubs across the state each month and throughout the newsletter we include articles and information helpful to our state beekeepers.
  • We also provide public education and service about beekeeping. Our members are speakers to garden clubs, schools, and other educational groups. We have established apiaries in state parks throughout Georgia, have participated in educating prisoners to become beekeepers.
  • We provide a list of beekeepers selling bees, honey and providing services to help the public such as removing swarms or bees living in structures like houses.
  • We send representatives to national beekeeping meetings to assure that we have current knowledge available to us in Georgia.

GBA News

Have you had a pesticide kill? It's important that you report it, see how.
Meeting dates have been announced for the next 4 years. They are:
Year Spring Fall
2017 Feb 18th Oct 6th-7th
2018 Feb 17th Oct 5th-6th
2019 Feb 16th Oct 4th-5th
2020 Feb 22nd Oct 2nd-3rd