Speakers and Presenters

The information for most of these speakers is from the Master Beekeeper list. Many of them didn’t include topics on which they could speak. This is a work in progress we will be adding to this list regularly.

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PDF of this list.

Member Name Certification Email Phone Topic Possibilities
Mary Cahill-Roberts Master Beekeeper beecharmer0703@gmail.com 404-388-3427
  • Hive Inspections -Seasonal
  • Certified Naturally Grown
  • Safety in the Apiary
  • How to Present in a Honey Show...what the Judge is looking for!
  • Now what, I have been a beekeeper for a couple of years....
  • Drones and then some
  • Creamed Honey
  • Bee Nutrition and local plants
Bud Champlin Master Beekeeper swill509@aol.com 770-324-4690
Keith Fielder Master Beekeeper kfielder@uga.edu 706-485-4151
Jay Hendrix Master Beekeeper genjhendrix@comcast.net 770-205-5571
Cindy Hodges Master Beekeeper dunwoodyhoney@bellsouth.net 770-394-5051
Noah Macey Master Beekeeper dunwoodyhoney@bellsouth.net
Julia Mahood Master Beekeeper Julia@mahoodstudio.com 678-448-2576
  • Natural & Foundationless Beekeeping
  • Lazy Beekeeping
  • How To Give Engaging Bee Talks
  • Making Creamed Honey
  • Besides Honey: Making Lip Balm, Lotion, and Propolis Tinctures
Steve Nofs Master Beekeeper ganofs@cox.net 478-396-0712
Bill Owens Master Craftsman Beekeeper bowens@gabeeremoval.com 404-516-1807
Steve Page Certified Beekeeper stevepage@numail.org 770-683-2465
  • Nectar management (checkerboarding)
  • Coweta Beekeeping method (sustainable beekeeping)
  • Swarm traps
Jay Parsons Master Beekeeper thehoneyman@att.net 404-379-7621
Jim Quick Master Beekeeper jquick@griffin.uga.edu
Philip Quinn Master Beekeeper philip@quinnenviro.com
Tom Rearick Master Beekeeper tom.rearick@gmail.com
Randy Rolen Master Beekeeper randyrolen@hotmail.com 423-304-2714
  • How to run a successful “Introduction to Beekeeping Seminars”
Paul Smith Master Beekeeper paulshoney@charter.net 706-548-6296
Linda Tillman Master Beekeeper beekeeperlinda@gmail.com 404-447-1943
  • Making and using a solar wax melter
  • Four Ways to Harvest Honey w/o Extractor
  • Let your bees go Naked: Foundationless Frames
  • Simple Beekeeping: Make your Work with the Bees Easier
  • Fun and Facts about Wax
Bear Kelley Welsh Honey Judge and Certified Beekeeper beecat108@gmail.com 229-322-5025
  • "Honey, the inside Story" : How it's made, what it is and many more fascinating facts on what we often take for granted
Virginia Webb Master Beekeeper mtnhoney@windstream.net
  • I want to speak to as many bee groups as I can about the USA's bid for the 2019 Apimondia.
  • Marketing Honey OUTSIDE THE BEEHIVE
  • Teaching Beekeepers How to Teach Kids about Bees
  • Georgia's Farm to School Program
  • How Beekeepers can get involved
  • Preparing Honey Show Entries
  • Master Beekeeping Programs to get involved with
  • Several Beeswax programs (allowance of 1 1/2 hours)
Rodney Garner rodney02@yahoo.com 678-602-2067
  • Honey shows and how to prepare for them
Derossie Delaigle dsbees4@gmail.com 706-551-1555
  • General Beekeeping
Brian Drebber bedrebber@aol.com 404-210-4844
  • My area of specialty is the AZ hive. I have been using them since the Spring of 2014 and have built over 3 dozen as well as constructing what we think is the first Slovenian style beehouse in America.
Greg Cowling brandywinebees@gmail.com 706-664-6223
  • Beginning Beekeeping (adults and children)
  • Honey Bee Biology
Brandon Shore Certified Beekeeper shorefarmshoney@gmail.com 678-707-0585
  • Beginner Beekeeping
  • Basic Bee Biology
Brutz English Master Beekeeper and Welsh Honey Judge brutzenglish@gmail.com 770-843-2110
  • Setting Up a Beekeeping Business
  • Preparing for a Honey Show
Will Dix Master Beekeeper swill509@aol.com 706-549-0901
  • Introductory Beekeeping Courses
  • Getting Started
  • Year Round Management
  • Honeybee Biology
  • Equipment
  • Spring Management
  • Making Splits
  • Understanding the Sting
  • Occupational Health for Beekeepers
  • Honeybee diseases
  • Varroa control
  • Murphy's Law and Beekeeping
Joe Conti joecontibees@aol.com 706-614-6890
  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Honey Bee Parasites, Diseases, Pests, and Predators