Current GBA Committees

The standing committees as per the bylaws are the following:

Legislative committee
  • Gail Dean (Co-chair)
  • Tim Doherty (Co-chair)
  • Brutz English
  • Gina Gallucci
  • Bob Grant
Beekeeper of the year committee
  • Julia Mahood (Chair)
  • Bob Binnie
  • Steve Esau
  • Steve Nofs
  • Bill Norris
Nominating committee
  • Rick Moore (Co-chair)
  • Jane Quattlebaum (Co-chair)
  • Three members will be appointed six months before the election in October
Meeting committee
  • Gina Gallucci (Chair)
  • Jennifer Berry
  • Brutz English
  • Julia Mahood
  • Slade Mercer
  • Linda Tillman

In addition to the above standing committees, the following committees are also in existence and are currently working on projects:

Farm Bureau Liaison
This liaison position reports to the board about the relationship of GBA with the Farm Bureau
  • Slade Mercer
Buzz Fund Committee
This committee processes applications for Buzz Fund grants
  • Gina Gallucci (Chair)
  • Rose Anne Dorn
  • Bill Owens
Prison Program Committee
This committee consists of the people involved in teaching in the prisons and reports progress to GBA
  • Rick Moore (Chair)
  • Jennifer Berry
  • Brutz English
  • Julia Mahood
  • Virginia Webb
  • Broadus Williams
New Club Committee
This committee reviews applications of new local clubs who want to be certified by GBA
  • Mary Cahill Roberts (Chair)
  • Broadus Williams
  • Bear Kelley
Honey Show Committee
This committee is in charge of arranging the honey shows and running them. They establish the entry table, judge the show or arrange judges, and hold GBA members to a high standard of production.
  • Brutz English (Chair and Liaison to the Young Harris program)
  • Kara Bassett
  • Mary Cahill-Roberts
  • Katie Goodman
  • Stephanie Killingsworth
  • Dan Long
  • Marilynn Parker
  • Barbara Phillips
Jr. Beekeeper Committee
  • Kelley Campbell (Chair)
Social Media
  • Katie Goodman (Chair)
Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Tim Hoffman (Chair)
President Packet Committee
  • Arron Robinson (Chair)
  • Bobby Chaisson
  • Drew Harvey
GBA 100th Birthday Committee
  • Virginia Webb (Chair)
  • Members TBD comprised of past presidents